”My name is Martina, but you can call me Marti.

First of all, thanks for stopping by. I am thrilled you want to join me on my adventure to discover the world! ”

I wouldn’t say I can trace my passion for travelling to a single event in my life or a trip that changed everything. I have been discovering new places or reading about them for as long as I can remember. At the age of 11, I read all the books I could find with the word ‘island’ in the title. I spent one summer planning a trip to the Great Barrier Reef which never took place. My escape from reality were the weekend trips around Bulgaria which I organised with my family. The mountains, the lakes, the villages those are the memories which shaped me into the person I am today.


As far as I remember, my first road trip abroad was to Macedonia, and my first flight was to Rome, Italy. Since then, I have visited more than 27 countries mainly in Europe, but also in Africa.

I left my home in Bulgaria when I was 18 to study International Business at the University of Warwick in the UK. My procrastination during the first-year exam session resulted in me watching hours of YouTube videos about photography and Photoshop. Now I would describe myself as an “amateur photographer” because I can’t imagine travelling without my Canon 500D. I love taking pictures of beautiful places and share them around to inspire people.

My degree also had an obligatory year abroad which I spent in France eating and drinking dubious amounts of cheese & wine (oui, je parle francais). I graduated in 2016, and I have been enjoying the chaos and overcrowding of London ever since.


I dedicate a significant proportion of my time to a full-time job in the area of strategy & sustainable infrastructure. I see my career not only as the primary sponsor of my travel adventures but also as a way for my voice to be heard in other areas of my life.

In my free time, or the 25 holiday days plus bank holidays plus weekends, I explore the world, and since May 2018, I blog about it too.


Because discovering breathtaking places, meeting new people, and learning about various cultures makes me happy, and I want everyone to be able to experience this. There’s this widespread opinion that travelling is limited to the people who have time, money and are willing to spend 3 months on the road. I am not a big fan of it. Exploring the world can be easy as long as you have the right tools and as simple as visiting an unknown place in the city you live in. By sharing my experiences and tips, I hope I will inspire the explorer in you and help you make informed choices about your next vacation or the trip of your life.


I do as the Romans do. For me travelling is an immersive experience which allows me to see fresh perspectives and learn from others. I like to read a lot about the place I am going to visit and make sure I am familiar with the local customs.

I travel with friends, just because there’s always someone who’s interested in joining me. I LOVE food so trying local dishes is a must*. Because I often have limited time, I hate wasting it. Hence, I wouldn’t mind walking 30 km in one day to see everything I have planned, and I use as much technology as possible to be more efficient.

Finally, I wouldn’t say I travel on a budget. However, I am mindful of my spending and always looking to optimise value/experience for money just like a true Business school graduate.

*I am vegetarian (or pescatarian for the more familiar with the topic), but I do have some meat-loving friends, so I will try to include their opinion as well.



Just like everything in life, travelling has its ups and downs. It’s not all Instagram pictures and sandy beaches. Sometimes, you’re stuck on a 600 km organised desert tour in Morocco where you were supposed to be able to do whatever you want but in reality, you make 3 stops per day at previously designated places owned by friends of the organiser. I am not going to paint a rosy picture but instead, try to show what it feels like to travel to a specific destination while giving you as much tested tips & advice as possible.

In the posts you can expect to find:

  • General info and things to keep in mind when visiting
  • Reviews and opinions about the places I have visited
  • Detailed costs & expenses
  • Useful tips & secrets I have picked along the way
  • Lots and lots of photos to make the content more digestible
  • Comments area where you can ask any questions you might have
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I would like the content of this website to be as useful and unbiased as possible. This means no flashy or distracting ads. I won’t be writing about anything I have not tried and liked or disliked personally. If anyone ever decides they want to promote something on this blog, I will make sure this is really obvious.


The best way to contact me is on social media – Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter or in the comments section below the articles. I am always open to constructive feedback, so please don’t hesitate to share it.

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